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Leann Rimes - Fight

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Hush, Hush why don't you want to talk about it
Bitch, Bitch you don't need to sugar coat it
I don't want us to ever get to the point where we can't recover
Break, Break we're allowed to have our moments
Go on spell it out there's nothing wrong with being honest
I can take it, go ahead let it out, lets get it over and done with

I don't want to fight anymore
Cause every minute that we fight is a moment that we could be loving
Lay down with me tonight
I don't want to fight

We could start a war with both our tempers
Tomorrow I bet you anything we won't remember
Who was right, who was wrong, what we said but we'll regret what we've lost


Were taking for granted how good that we have it
Lets laugh til' we cry and get back to what matters
Oh it matters


Fight (03:28)
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