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Interpreti Linkin Park Diskografie Hybrid Theory With You

Linkin Park - With You

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Hybrid Theory

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  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 2000
  • Žánry: Rockové hity, Hráčská nálada, Linkin Park Forever, Madeta Tvrdě a poctivě, Rock
  • Vydavatelství: WEA (Warner Music)
Text písničky

I woke up in a dream today
To the cold of the static
and put my cold feet on the floor
Forgot all about yesterday
Remembering I`m pretending to be where I`m not anymore
A little taste of hypocrisy
And I`m left in the wake of the mistake
slow to react
Even though you`re so close to me
You`re still so distant
And I can`t bring you back

It`s true the way I feel
Was promised by your face
The sound of your voice
Painted on my memories
Even if you`re not with me
I`m with you

You/ now I see/ keeping everything inside
You/ Now I see/ Even when I close my eyes
I hit you and you hit me back
We fall to the floor/ the rest of the day stands still
Fine line between this and that
When things go wrong I pretend the past isn`t real
Now I`m trapped in this memory
And I`m left in the wake of mistake/ slow to react
Even though you`re close to me
You`re still so distant/ and I can`t bring you back
No matter how far we`ve come
I can`t wait to see tomorrow
With you

With You (03:32)
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