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Linkin Park - Spin

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Splitting The DNA

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Note: Like "Morei Sky" and a couple of other submitted songs, this is a Grey Daze song, Chester Bennington`s band before Linkin Park..

I want to pick up the pieces, so that

There`s less complication, so that

There`s less conversation, and

Less aggravation

I want to go out alone, man, so that

There`s less confrontation, and man,

There`s less association, and

Less company, yeah

I was so frustrated, man, that

I was all confused, man, and that

I was disillusioned, and

sick of your friends


Run, don`t walk my way

Don`t look my way

Cause I don`t care, oh, no

So why are you still here

Why don`t you disappear

And spin out of my life, oh

Why do we have limitation, and man

Why do we have limitation, so that

We don`t get very far, and so that

We don`t climb very high

I can`t handle the indecision, and

I can`t watch no more television, and

I won`t miss you when you`re gone

Cause I know my life will go on


Spin (02:43)
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