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Interpreti Massive Attack Diskografie 100th Window Future Proof

Massive Attack - Future Proof

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100th Window

motiv alba
  1. Future Proof
  2. What Your Soul Sings
  3. Everywhen
  4. Special Cases
  5. Butterfly Caught
  6. A Prayer For England
  7. Small Time Short Away
  8. Name Taken
  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 2003
  • Žánry: Chillout, Rock for People 2016, Trip-Hop
  • Vydavatelství: EMI
Text písničky

Borderline case
Reinforced glass
Earn some friends
Passport photos and a life so bad

Empty pocket and they think it's all
They think it's all
It's all ripped up on a smaller list?
You choose to woke up

Chemical's itching
Is it Grave?
Truly so

Separate the lead gun
Up we ghost, up we ghost
I love the way you print
Borrowed clothes

I could be numb
I could be numb
Passin' through

Borderline case
Future proof
Breathin' air
Breathin' air
Breathin' air

Future Proof (05:38)
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