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Interpreti Massive Attack Diskografie Heligoland Saturday Come Slow

Massive Attack - Saturday Come Slow

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  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 2010
  • Žánry: By LUI, Electronic, House, Chillout, Ploužáky, Rock for People 2016, Sexy, Trance, Trip-Hop, Lovesongy
  • Vydavatelství: Virgin
Text písničky

Slow songs on Saturday
Are just better when we've got each other
Sunsets, they don't matter
When our eyes, they cross, in this weather
Tonight I'm gonna be alive for one last time

Forget your paper and pen
'Cause this is what dreams are made of
Slow songs on Saturday

Are good even when the days are leaving
You can bet I'll be stealing that look in your eyes
'Cause you don't need it

As much as me, I'm a sad excuse for a soul
'Cause when we say goodbye
I never want you to go

It's not like I'm asking for forever
Just for now, 'til whenever
Slow songs on Saturday

Are what I need when it's rained all week
'Cause the clouds came down and kept me in
My door stayed shut, the windows wouldn't bend
So I painted you some sunsets on my walls

You should really come see them
They're just for you kid
Yeah I painted you sunsets
On a white wall canvas
Yeah, they're just for you kid
This one's for you

Saturday Come Slow (03:43)
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