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Interpreti Mercury Rev Diskografie Deserter's Songs The Funny Bird

Mercury Rev - The Funny Bird

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Deserter's Songs

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Well goodbye southern spy
I've come t' love you in th' lite
Always starin' in th' Void
Have yr etes all been destroyed

All these diggin' little hands
Of all the stones that never had
Yr the only one I know...
An' farewell gold'n ring

Oh you hollow little thing
Like a wave along th' coast
I've come t'love th' hi's and lows
When in th' end yr just a band

A funny bird that never lands
An' yr th' only one I know
Farewell gold'n sound
No one wants to hear you now

An' of all th' happy ends
I wouldn't wish this on a friend
But yr th' only one I know

The Funny Bird (05:51)
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