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Interpreti Michael Bolton Diskografie Love Songs When A Man Loves A Woman

Michael Bolton - When A Man Loves A Woman

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Love Songs

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  1. When A Man Loves A Woman
  2. How Am I Supposed To Live With
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When a man loves a womanCant keep his mind on nothin elseHed trade the worldFor a good thing hes foundIf she is bad, he cant see itShe can do no wrongTurn his back on his best friendIf he puts her downWhen a man loves a womanSpend his very last dimeTrying to hold on to what he needsHed give up all his comfortsAnd sleep out in the rainIf she said thats the wayIt ought to beWhen a man loves a womanI give you everything I got (yeah)Trying to hold onTo your precious loveBaby please dont treat me badWhen a man loves a womanDeep down in his soulShe can bring him such miseryIf she is playing him for a foolHes the last one to knowLoving eyes can never seeYes when a man loves a womanI know exactly how he feelscause baby, baby, babyI am a manWhen a man loves a woman

When A Man Loves A Woman (03:54)
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