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Interpreti Michael Bublé Diskografie Crazy Love Georgia On My Mind

Michael Bublé - Georgia On My Mind

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Crazy Love

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Every time my eyes sing that songI sing for myGeorgia, GeorgiaThe whole day throughThis old sweet songKeeps Georgia on my mindHey, Georgia, oh, yeah, yeah, GeorgiaAnd a song of youComes as sweet and clearAs moonlight through the pinesOther arms reach out to meOther eyes smile tenderly, yeahStill in peaceful dreams I seeOn another road, it leads back to youHey, Georgia, I say oh, GeorgiaNo, no, no peace I find girlyJust an old sweet song, God is this song longKeeps Georgia on my mindOther arms reach out to meOther eyes smile tenderlyStill in peaceful dreams I seeBusy road, the road leads back to you nowOh, Georgia, don't do that, had to know wellNo peace I find, won't you hear me nowIt's just an old sweet song, I said, oh, I said thatKeeps Georgia on my mindOn my mind, yeah, it won't be soKeeps Georgia on my mindYou know the little girls that are on my mindYes, it is

Georgia On My Mind (03:08)
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