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Interpreti Modern Talking Diskografie Alone - The 8th Album Sexy, Sexy Lover

Modern Talking - Sexy, Sexy Lover

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Alone - The 8th Album

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Oh I tell you once and I tell you twice
I'll be there for you in your paradise
Please stay with me - and I'll show you what I feel
You're the nearest thing to heaven girl
Baby just for you, I'll fly around the world
Oh everything I'll do, I do it just for you

My sexy, sexy lover, oh tell me there's no other
Tell me there's no other, deep in your heart
My sexy, sexy lover, I wanna be your cover
There's no other, who's breaking apart
Oh my sexy little lover, swear there is no other
I'll feel alone, when I'm coming home
Oh my sexy little lover, tell me there's no other
Just when I'm down, I need you all around

I am not a man, who wants to be alone
There's a place for us, we can't go wrong
Oh baby you and I, we're flying one mile high
We are more than two, you are more than one
And my love for you is burning like the sun
Oh everything I do, I do it just for you

Sexy, Sexy Lover (03:35)
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