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Interpreti Motörhead Diskografie The World Is Yours Outlaw

Motörhead - Outlaw

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The World Is Yours

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Live or die, stand or run
Shoot 'em down, smoking gun
In the time it takes to tell
Another dreamer sent to hell

Just like movies, time to move
Bad gunslinger, evil dude
Know you're fast, hope you're quick
Quick draw gun law make your hit

Born to shoot, hope it's true
Today you know the slow one's you

Outlaw, cut down in your prime
Outlaw, see the blue sky one last time
Outlaw, that's all

Live or die, win or lose
Can't be sure, no excuse
In the street a man lies dead
Another dreamer bloody red

Just in time, lightning speed
Frozen moment, time to bleed
Know it's all about to change
Try, die or live again

Born to die, we all know that
Today you know the first is last

Outlaw, cut down in your tracks
Outlaw, so much for the man in black
Outlaw, that's all

Die or live, shoot to kill
The old routine you know so well
Gun law rules, that's what I said
Another dreamer woke up dead

Justice means the fastest gun
No appeal, done is done
Know its quick, hanging tree
Courthouse, whorehouse, set you free

Born to live, don't know how long
Never know right from wrong

Outlaw, face down in the dirt
Outlaw, the one that kills you never hurts
Outlaw, laying in the street
Outlaw, the last gunslinger you will meet
Outlaw that's all

Outlaw (03:30)
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