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Interpreti Nickelback Diskografie Curb Falls Back O

Nickelback - Falls Back O

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Text písničky

No, I don't guess
I don't sacrifice
And I know
I don't realize
Just how much
I can idolize ... and I know
And then I find it falls back on
On to me, to see, believe
And down onto you, We do, it's true
And I won't beg to stay, to leave, or to believe
A word you say, and then I guess
It all falls back on you
To find out (find out)
What's the deal
And I guess you don't
It's just, you had to
Had to take, and I know

There's a fine line between right and wrong
And I know we knew all along
Just how much I can half belong ... and I know
And then I find out it all falls back on you
Cause I'm really up on this
Cause I've seen it before
Where the hell did I get through you?

Falls Back O (02:56)
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