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Interpreti Nightwish Diskografie Century Child Slaying The Dreamer

Nightwish - Slaying The Dreamer

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Century Child

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I'm a priest for the poorest sacrificeI'm but a raft in a sea of sorrow and greedYou bathed in my wineDrank from my cup, mocked my rhymeYour slit tongues licked my aching woundsPut a stake through my heart!And drag me into sunlightSo awake for your greedAs you're slaying the dreamerSwansong for the Wish of NightGod it hurts, give a name to the painOur primrose path to hell is growing weedBlame me, it's meCoward, a good-for-nothing scapegoatDumb kid, living a dreamRomantic only on paperTell me why you took all that was mine!Stay as you lay - don't lead me astray!Wake up, mow the weedYou'd be nothing without meTake my life if you have the heart to dieYou bastards tainted my toolRaped my words, played me a foolGather your precious glitter and leave me beThe Great Ones are all deadAnd I'm tired, tooI truly hate you all!

Slaying The Dreamer (04:31)
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