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Interpreti Nightwish Diskografie Dark Passion Play For The Heart I Once Had

Nightwish - For The Heart I Once Had

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Dark Passion Play

Text písničky

Heaven today has gone away
To a place I once called home
Heart of a child, one final sigh
As another love goes cold
Once my heart beat to the
Rhythm of the falling snow
Blackened below, the river now flows
A stream of mountain virgin snow

For the heart I'll never have
For the child forever gone
The music flows because it longs
For the heart I once had

Even today, with all the pains
To understand the weight of the world
Faded and torn, old and forlorn
My weak and hoping heart
For the child, for the night
For the heart I once had
I believe and foresee
Everything I could ever be


Time will not heal
A dead boy's scars
Time will kill


For The Heart I Once Had (03:55)
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