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Interpreti Nightwish Diskografie Wishes In The Night - Part One Once Upon A Troubador

Nightwish - Once Upon A Troubador

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Wishes In The Night - Part One

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A lonely bard wandering across the lands am ISinging dancing finding answers to every whyThe taverns are full and one crosses my path, tooI just might reward myself with a beer or twoThis inn the place of many romantic talesOn the loft women offer their salesBut my eyes they catch a girl beat by everyoneA slave she is but for me a rose undoneHear me singWatch me dancePlay that lute of thineAnd share with me this danceAs she danced my eyes began to shineThere she was the maiden so divineHow could I approach her with my outlook so poorHer beauty being much more than I could endureSo I asked if I could sing a chansonWith a language of ancient and of loreGathered the men around us me and the girl in ragsSoon were the melodies heard by everyoneHear us singWatch us danceSing with us this taleWith a clap of handsThe stories long-forgotten we still knowPerforming our skills wherever we goI end my story as I receive a kissFrom my girl the dearest BeatriceHear us singWatch us danceSing with us the talesWhich the music will keep alive

Once Upon A Troubador (05:19)
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