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No Doubt - Big City Train

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No Doubt

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Can you hear that whistle
Loud clackety-clack
It`s calling me
The station is where it`s at
It`s coming again now
Chuggin` down that track
Just check your records
Got all my bags packed

You`ll always find me waiting for that train to come through
Come get me, take me, to the land where my dreams come true

This time I`ll board that train
It won`t be long
Check the label on my baggage
Destination in my song
Talk to the conductor
Saved up my fare
Yakety-yak for a while



Hurry grab my luggage
Hurry grab my bags
It seems the locomotive
Has been taken another track
A penny brought on by mischief
A penny, a form of cash
Has been placed upon the railway
We are destined to be a smash!

Big City Train (03:56)
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