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Paw - Jessie

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Grunge Anthology

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  1. Jessie
Text písničky

Hurt the dog, get the dog, grab the dog
Scratch my ass, scratch my ears, scratch my head
Please play with me, play with me, play with me

Awe, but Jessie
It`s cold outside, and I`m not coming home
I don`t know where to be, when the morning comes
and Jessie you`re a good dog, please don`t follow me
Just go on home

I ran away, dog tagged along
I lost the dog, it broke my heart
Please stay with me, and play with me, stay with me


Jessie, don`t follow me
Jessie, go on home

Jessie you`re a good dog, such a good dog (5x)

Jessie (03:15)
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