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Interpreti Pearl Jam Diskografie Backspacer Amongst The Waves

Pearl Jam - Amongst The Waves

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  1. Gonna See My Friend
  2. Got Some
  3. The Fixer
  4. Johnny Guitar
  5. Just Breathe
  6. Amongst The Waves
  7. Unthought Known
  8. Supersonic
  9. Speed Of Sound
  10. Force Of Nature
  11. The End
  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 2009
  • Žánry: Alternative Rock, Grunge, Hard Rock, Nostalgická
  • Vydavatelství: Universal Music
Text písničky

What used to be a house of cardsHas turned into a reservoirSaved the tears that were waterfallingLets go swim tonight, darling& Once outside the undertowJust you & me & nothing moreIf not for love I would be drowningIve seen it work both ways, but I am upRiding high amongst the wavesI can feel Like IHave a soul that has been savedI can feel like IPut away my early graveGotta say it nowBetter loudThan too lateRemember back the early daysWhen you were young & thus amazedSuddenly the channel changedThe first time you saw bloodCut to later, now youre strongYouve bled yourself, the wounds are goneIts rare then where is nothing wrongSurvived & youre amongst the fittestLove aint love until you give it upRiding hi amongst the wavesI can feel like IHave a soul that has been savedI can see the lightComing through the clouds in raysGotta say it nowBetter loudthan too late

Amongst The Waves (03:58)
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