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Interpreti Pete Doherty Diskografie Grace/Wastelands Broken Love Song

Pete Doherty - Broken Love Song

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Take a broken love song
Keep it by your side
Never be lonely
Find a place to hide

By the west way
Inside the scrubs
How long must we wait?
For they're killing us?
Killing us

They are the loneliest(4x)

Through my cell window
Hear the loft boys sing
Come on you R's
Carried on the wind

Every morning
I'll be singing
Like a caged bird who might say
John, Paul, George and Ringo
Help me pass the hours away

Free as a bird
Would I be
Another dawn creeps up on me
On me
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

They are the loneliest(4x)

Letters from faceless haters
That'd love to
See my swinging in my cell
Oh I never saw a man
who looked like such a wistful eye,
upon the little tent of blue prisoners
call the sky

They are the loneliest(4x)

Broken Love Song (03:43)
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