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Interpreti Plan B Diskografie Who Needs Actions When You Got Words Everyday

Plan B - Everyday

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Who Needs Actions When You Got Words

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ChorusEvery morning when I wakeEvery morning when I wakeThis is my life everyday this is my life everydayWake up in the morning notice something aint rightCoz although the sun is shinning there is no lightI open up my curtains wipe the sleep from my eyes to tired to realise I've lost my sightBlinded by my ignorance I prepare my self for the day, thinking this sinking feeling will go awayAs I set off on my track the little voice in my head says turn back, but when I want to turn back it's too lateDarkness surrounds me drowning me in sorrow, coz I know today will be no different from tomorrowHope is quickly fading soon I'll be too far gone for saving my soul will go and leave my body hollowAnd still in the face of adversity I search for an inner strength try and stand firm with both fists clenchedBut I can't find my heart it's like the ******* things deserted me it used to be there this makes no senseSo I pray to a god that I'm not even sure if I believe inTo help me in my hour of need and keep me breathingI pray to this god that created a place called EdenA paradise to put Adam and Eve inBut I don't think he hears me speakingI'm starting to weakenNow I'm reaching for what's fakePoisoning my body to escapeSuddenly I'm overwhelmed with optimism my shoulders no longer feel the weightYeah life feels great but it's fake.ChorusVerse 2It's fake coz I know the smile on my face is only there coz I'm too intoxicated to careThat inside my soul I can't find no hope just a gaping whole where it used to be thereAn amendable tearThat when I'm sober hurts more than I can bareIt just aint fairAnd soon I'll be back in normalityWhen the poison wears off and my whole bodies aching from the pain of realityThe pain of reality starts to grab at meLove is a fallacy and I'm staring straight at death as it tries take another stab at meI'm down on my kneesAnd I'm beggingSomeone hear me please answer my questionsWhy is my life just one big deep depressionIs this gods way of teaching me a lessonForgive me father for I have sinnedThis is my confessionI do bad things and I don't know why I do themI try to do good deeds but people see right through themI can't get close to no one, coz they wont let meHow can I feel like a man if they don't respect meIs that my heart?I feel starting to sinkAs the more I talk I'm starting to thinkThat maybe I feel this way because of the mistakes I've made and it aint got shit to do with no one elseI can only blame myselfIt's me who's bad for my healthAnd only I can rectify what is wrong in my life if only I tried a little bit harderIt all comes down to a choice what would I ratherStay how I am and watch the days get darker or forgive myself, get on with my lifeAnd not look back after

Everyday (04:23)
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