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Interpreti Portishead Diskografie Dummy Sour Times

Portishead - Sour Times

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  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 1994
  • Žánry: 90's hity, Melancholická, Mrazivá, Nostalgická, Sexy, Trip-Hop
  • Vydavatelství: Universal Music
Text písničky

To pretend no one can find
The fallacies of morning rose
Forbidden fruit, hidden eyes
Curtises that I despise in me
Take a ride, take a shot now
'Cause nobody loves me
Its true
Not like you do
Covered by the blind belief
That fantasies of sinful screens
Bear the facts, assume the dye
End the vows no need to lie, enjoy
Take a ride, take a shot now

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
Who oo am I, what and why
'Cause all I have left is my memories of yesterday
Ohh these sour times

After time the bitter taste
Of innocence decent or race
Scattered seeds, buried lives
Mysteries of our disguise revolve
Circumstance will decide...


'Cause nobody loves me
Its true
Not like you
Nobody loves.. me
Its true
Not, like, you...do

Sour Times (04:12)
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