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Interpreti Prime Sth Diskografie Alternative Times Vol 15 I'm Stupid

Prime Sth - I'm Stupid

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Alternative Times Vol 15

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  1. I'm Stupid
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I'm stupid, you're smarter
I'm stupid, thinking there's a way
this could turn out right

I'm dreaming, you woke up
I should have known from the start
that you were never mine

'Cause if I can't make you love me
you're out of reasons to stay
Make it easy on yourself
Don't worry about me
Can't make you feel something you don't

I'm crying, but don't pity
I'm dying, but just walk away
It will be all right

'Cause I was dreaming but you woke up
And Im gonna miss you but I
am gonna be all right

'Cause if I can't make you love me
You're out of reasons to stay
make it easy on yourself
dont worry about me
If I can't make you love me
You're not the one here to blame
I will make it on my own
don't worry about me

I'm Stupid (04:03)
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