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Prince - On The Couch

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Come on, baby Don`t make me sleep on the couch Love Jones is on the TV again, baby Eye wanna go down south, yeah Oh come on, baby It`s undignified 2 sleep alone That`s what all the people that Ain`t got nobody do - Talkin` on the telephone Don`t make me crash Don`t make me sleep Without Ur kiss Tossin` and-a-turnin` With every inch of me yearnin` Don`t make me, don`t make me Don`t cha make me, don`t cha make me Don`t cha make me suffer this Eye know we agreed... Eye know we agreed 2 b married U shouldn`t have let me unzip Ur dress Why`d U do it, baby? Confess U tease Unless U please Don`t make me, don`t make me Sleep on the couch

On The Couch (03:33)
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