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Interpreti Queen Diskografie Hot Space Dancer

Queen - Dancer

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Hot Space

Text písničky

I'm not invited to the party
Been sitting here all night
I'm all alone here at the party
Ain't got no black coat
Ain't got no tie
I gotta shape up now
You gotto know why
Dancer, dancer
I can't live with it I'm gonna die without it
Dancer, dancer
Ain't no doubt about it
Dancer, dancer
Why don't you kick off your dancing shoes
And come along with me
You're the life and soul of the funk-tion
It took me all night
To get hold of the right introduction
Blew me out of sight
I taste your lipstick
I look in your eyes
You feel fantastic
My body cries
(hot space)
Dancer, dancer
I can't believe your dancing
Can't take you home, can't take your dancing
Dancer, dancer, dance the night away

Dancer (03:48)
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