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Queen - Liar

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I have sinned dear fatherFather I have sinnedTry and help me fatherWon't you let me in? liarNobody believes me liarWhy don't they leave me alone? Sire I have stolen stolen many timesRaised my voice in angerWhen I know I never shouldLiar oh everybody deceives meLiar why don't you leave me alone? Liar I have sailed the seasLiar from mars to mercuryLiar I have drunk the wineLiar time after timeFather please forgive meYou know you'll never leave mePlease will you direct me in the right wayLiar liar liar liar liarLiar look what they've done to meLiar Liar Liar Listen are you gonna listen? Mama I'm gonna be your slaveAll day longMama I'm gonna try behaveAll day longMama gonna be your slaveAll day longI'm gonna serve you 'till your dying dayAll day long I'm gonna kneel down by your side and prayAnd prayAll day longAll day longAll day long all day long all day longAll day long all day long all day longAll day long all day long all day longLiar liar they never ever let you winLiar liar everything you do is sinLiar nobody believes youLiar they bring you down before you beginNow let me tell you thisAh yes for they let you

Liar (06:24)
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