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Queen - Hammer To Fall

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The Works

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Here we stand or here we fallHistory don't care at allMake the bed, light the lightLady Mercy won't be home tonightCHORUSYou don't waste no time at allDon't hear the bell but you answer the callIt comes to you as to us allWe're just waitingFor the hammer to fallOh every night, and every dayA little piece of you is falling awayBut lift your face, the Western Way --Build your muscles as your body decaysCHORUSTow the line and play their gameLet the anaesthetic cover it allTill one day they call your nameThen it's time for the Hammer to FallRich or poor or famous forYour truth it's all the sameOh no, oh noLock your door 'cause rain is pouringThrough your window paneOh noBaby now your struggle's all vainFor we who grew up tall and proudIn the shadow of the mushroom cloudConvinced our voices can't be heardWe just wanna scream it louder and louderCHORUSWhat the hell are we fighting for?Just surrender and it won't hurt at allYou just got time to say your prayersWhile you're waiting for the Hammer to hammer to fallWaiting for the Hammer to hammer to hammer to fall

Hammer To Fall (04:26)
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