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Interpreti Razorlight Diskografie Slipway Fires Hostage Of Love

Razorlight - Hostage Of Love

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Slipway Fires

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You make yourself a prisoner of me
You blind yourself so you don't have to see
You turn your life to a power above
And make yourself a hostage of love

You turn from me, you turn from the strain
Devote yourself to the power again
Distance yourself from all, that we avowed
You broke those rules, you are my hostage now

I am a sinner
I am a saint
I am a devil
I am the ghost at the wake
I feed the swell and pull
Of your tears as they break
I am the limit of
The load you can take

You are the pulley
And I am the winch
I am salvation
And your herald of sin
I take you beyond
Your limits of trust
Ransom yourself
Hostage of love

You say we've have been born again
Since you slept there in that liar's den,
You cannot be saved
You gave your innocence away

I've turned my cheek
And I've suffered the blow
The truth of my story
Is widely unknown
Words of derision I have
Swallowed with a smile
For telling my story
I have been crucified

Now like a madman
I give my laurels to you
And like a hero
Forsake my trophies for you
No word decipher of this devil
That is in the blood
Am I not also
Your hostage of love?

You see we've been born again
Since you've slept there in that liars den (den)
You cannot be turned
Until your innocence is old

And you seek out to live alone
Though it hurts to make it on your own (own)
You can not be saved
You gave your innocence away

You will remain a hostage of love
A hostage of love
Hostage of love

Hostage Of Love (03:44)
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