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Interpreti Red Hot Chili Peppers Diskografie Stadium Arcadium Readymade

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Readymade

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Stadium Arcadium

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Readymade ReadymadeSteady as the rhythm rollsReadymade ReadymadeAnd this is how the story goesI've gotta cousin making beatsDeep down in ArizonaWe're gonna rocket to Ramone'sIn the city of PomonaAnd if I give you my second sightYou got itAnd if I break in two I'll stay the nightCome get itReadymade ReadymadeBaby oughta celebrateReadymade ReadymadeAnd now it's time to deviateI've gotta sister making babiesWith a black and decker blow torchWe're gonna fop it all nightIn the middle of the back torchReadymade ReadymadeRockin' for the sake of SladeReadymade ReadymadeListen but don't be afraidI've gotta brother making troubleIn the state of CaliforniaI wish I knew another wayBut I'm gunna have to clone you

Readymade (04:30)
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