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Regular John - Transmitter

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Need For Speed: Shift

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  1. Transmitter
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She is red light
She means blood
Hail your streetcar
Save me one
For the money
For the show
Keep your head
On trade your hope

And the fashion
Of her words
Keeps her hold tight
On the world
As you're turning
All is quiet
She takes pale white
Autumn days

She is redlight
She means blood
She's a killer
She's a whore
Not the moonlight
In the hall
I can't heal her
Turn her heart

I've felt this way
Many times before
Crossed this space to you
You're sending out
These waves
Across my heart

Always keep me sane
Always keep me warned
Always keep us fair
I can't keep on

Kill the children
Saves the world
Keeps momentum
Kills your words
She keeps secrets
With her hands
I have fear now
Of her height

(Chorus 2x)

(Repete 3 e 4 estrofes)

Transmitter (03:59)
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