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Royksopp - Meatball

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Back To Mine

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meatball bouncing around and around
you can hear the sound of my head moving side to side
jump in my car we can go for a ride
all over town you can hear the sound
of my head bobley bobley
i'm a meatball i'm a meatball
look at me so fat
hey i like my belly like that
big and fat and round
and my head rolling about

yeah meatball(meatball) meatball (meatball) meatball (meatball)
meatball (meatball) meatball

i'm a meatball big and fat
i'm a meatball how about that
my head is so big like a meatball
rolling around
can't you hear it? can't you hear it?
bobity bobity bobity bobity boo

Meatball (02:53)
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