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Interpreti Seven Mary Three Diskografie Alternative Times Vol 14 Wait

Seven Mary Three - Wait

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Alternative Times Vol 14

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  1. Wait
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I imagine long walks down the road
Things begin to bloom and the sky explodes
Damage is undone, then I know
This has got to be a dream
Machines and luxuries don`t last
I took my sleep for granted in the past
and I woke up half dead in an hourglass
Does that sound funny?

Wait you`re almost there, it`s gone
You`re almost there, it`s gone
You`re almost where what follows you
does not bother you

I have walked the tightrope parts of me
Towed the line just far enough to see
Never found a gift I got for free
I paid for them dearly
I see my forever as one long night
and if I can make it dark, I can make it light
I know the ghost of living doves down in the mine
They all suffice


Are you tired?
Are you uninspired?
Just a miscommunication tried
can eat you up inside
And I am here
and you are here
A different thing I want to know
is seeping in your ear


Wait (03:08)
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