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Interpreti Sex Pistols Diskografie Boxset (Virgin Sexbox3) Anarchy In The UK

Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK

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Boxset (Virgin Sexbox3)

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Right now ha, ha! I am an anti-ChristI am an anarchist, Don't know what I wantBut I know how to get it.I wanna destroy the passer by'Cos I wanna be anarchy, Ho dogs bodyAnarchy for the UKIt's coming sometime and maybeI give a wrong time stop a traffic line.Your future dream is a shopping schemeCause I wanna be anarchy, It's in the cityHow many ways to get what you wantI use the best I use the restI use the NME.I use anarchy'Cause I wanna be anarchy, It's the only way to beIs this the MPLAOr is this the UDAOr is this the IRAI thought it was the UKOr just another countryAnother council tenancy.I wanna be an anarchist(Oh what a name)And I wanna be an anarchist(I get pissed destroy)

Anarchy In The UK (04:55)
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