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Interpreti Sex Pistols Diskografie Boxset (Virgin Sexbox3) Seventeen

Sex Pistols - Seventeen

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Boxset (Virgin Sexbox3)

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J. Rotten, P. Cook, 5. Jones, G. Matlock)

You`re only twenty nine
gotta lot to learn,
but when your mummy dies
she will not return

We like noise it`s our choice
if`s what we wanna do,
we don`t care about long hair
I don`t wear flares

See my face not a trace
no reality,
I don`t work I just speed
that`s all I need

I`m a lazy sod...
that`s what we say you`re
I`m a lazy sod...
I`m so lazy
I can`t even be bothered
Lazy Lazy

Seventeen (02:19)
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