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Interpreti Sophie Ellis Bextor Diskografie Shoot From The Hip Hello Hello

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Hello Hello

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Shoot From The Hip

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Hello Hello Where did I go I lost my head Went into your mind instead I stayed there So now you all now I`m weak I told you so I`ll never come home I`ve been on quite a journey I saw myself from another side Can you be patient while I return With what I`ve learned can we share it all I want to start it over I want to feel how I used to be I`ll take your hand and I`ll show you Here is my heart can we share it all I`m cold alone The pain is strong I`m coming back to where you are my love I know Believe me now I know that it`s hard You can`t see every card Don`t know me for now

Hello Hello (04:23)
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