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Interpreti Sophie Ellis Bextor Diskografie Shoot From The Hip You Get Yours

Sophie Ellis Bextor - You Get Yours

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Shoot From The Hip

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You`re selfish

Like me

It`s why we get along


We`re English

As well

So we`re a

We`re a

We`re a little bit ashamed of ourselves

It`s ok to be needy

Just not voraciously greedy

Let`s make sure that we don`t let it show

You get yours and I`ll get mine

We`ll justify our actions

Some other time

You`re anxious

In dreams

cos you`ve come apart

At the seams

Revealing inside

What it was

What it was

What it was that you were trying to hide

I don`t know how to be friendly

When you`re consumed with envy

It never stops controlling how I feel

Tell me you love me and this time mean it

You Get Yours (04:00)
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