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Interpreti Sophie Ellis Bextor Diskografie Trip The Light Fantastic New Flame

Sophie Ellis Bextor - New Flame

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Trip The Light Fantastic

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Have we met before?
Or is that just to break the ice
If our paths had crossed
I should recall such paradise
Inside me passion's stirring
Forgive me, you're divine
[Chorus 1:]My new flame speeding towards me
A new flame to warm my heart
I feel my temperature soaring
My new flame what a spark
Are you often here?
Where d'you like to go?
And can I come?
All I know for me to speak so free
It's not often done
But with the way we're heading

I figure we'll be fine
[Chorus 2:][Chorus 1]My new flame hold me together
The old flame fall apart
Around me bridges are burning
My new flame what a spark

You release me
You please me
Hypnotise me
Capsize me
Worth the wait-ed
What a fire!
[Chorus 2]

New Flame (02:51)
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