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Interpreti Stevie Wonder Diskografie The Definitive Collection Happy Birthday

Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday

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The Definitive Collection

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You know it doesn't make much senseThere ought to be a law againstAnyone who takes offenseAt a day in your celebration'Cause we all know in our mindsThat there ought to be a timeThat we can set asideTo show just how much we love youAnd I'm sure you will agreeIt couldn't fit more perfectlyThan to have a world party on the day you came to beChorusHappy birthday to youHappy birthday to youHappy birthday(Repeat)I just never understoodHow a man who died for goodCould not have a day that wouldBe set aside for his recognitionBecause it should never beJust because some cannot seeThe dream as clear as heThat they should make it become an illusionAnd we all know everythingThat he stood for time will bringFor in peace our hearts will singThanks to Martin Luther KingChorusHappy birthday to youHappy birthday to youHappy birthday(Repeat)BridgeWhy has there never been a holidayWhere peace is celebratedall throughout the worldThe time is overdueFor people like me and youYou know the way to truthIs love and unity to all God's childrenIt should be a great eventAnd the whole day should be spentIn full remembranceOf those who lived and died for the oneness ofall peopleSo let us all beginWe know that love can winLet it out don't hold it inSing it loud as you canChorusHappy birthday to youHappy birthday to youHappy birthday(4x)(Background Stevie)Happy birthday Ooh yeahHappy birthday,To youWe know the key to unity of allPeopleIs in the dream that you had soLong agoThat lives in all of the heartsOf peopleThat believe in unityWe'll make the dream becomeA realityI know we willBecause our hearts tell us so

Happy Birthday (05:56)
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