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Interpreti Sugababes Diskografie Catfights And Spotlights Every Heart Broken

Sugababes - Every Heart Broken

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Catfights And Spotlights

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Boy 1 was famous from tvCarved my name into a treeFirst cut's the deepestAnd it left him bleedingBoy 2 had earned a law degreeCharged me with a felonyI stole his heart and plead insanityI knowNothing lasts eternal in lifeBut love hurts foreverBoy 3 worked at the cemetaryHis crooked smile was kinda sweetAll things must endNow he is 6 feet deepBoy 4 was filthy rich indeedHe flew a private jet, but seeHe crashed and burnedThere's just no buying meI knowNothing lasts eternal in lifeBut love hurts foreverEvery heart that's broken is a murdered oneLooking down the barrel of a smoking gunHave mercy on me, now the deed is doneCause every heart that's brokenIs a murdered one

Every Heart Broken (03:37)
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