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Interpreti The Rolling Stones Diskografie Bridges Of Babylon Too Tight

The Rolling Stones - Too Tight

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Bridges Of Babylon

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(JaggerRichards) Baby, don`t get too tight with me Yes, you`re far too tight for me I got your messages And how can I resist But if you come around Don`t slap the cuffs upon my wrist Baby you`re tight for me (I warn you) yeah Far too tight for me Yeah Untie those sheep shanks, yes And all those fancy knots I`m not Houdini, honey C`mon now and loosen up (Tight) (Too tight) (Too tight) (Too tight) Yeah, don`t try to reel me in With all those charm school looks I`ve seen it all a thousand times I sung that song, I wrote that fucking book Do yourself a favor now Don`t drive me `round the block Let`s split another bottle, now Let`s take a hit, loosen up Don`t get too tight on me `Cause I`m, I`m bound so tight I can`t breathe We`ll watch the sun go down Upon the swollen sea Aahhhhhh If you try to chain me up I`ll vanish like a broken dream Don`t get so tight Don`t get so tight Too tight

Too Tight (03:37)
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