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The Rolling Stones - Please Go Home

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(JaggerRichards) Please go home Please go home Well maybe I`m talkin to fast But I won`t be the first or the last In the sea of the thousand you cast C`mon please go home I don`t have to ask what you do I just have to look to get you Means nothing to me to get through Please go home I don`t want to be on my own Cause I can`t talk much better alone But I don`t have to ring like a phone Won`t you please go home Please go home In some early part of your days You were told of the devious ways That you thought you could get without pay Won`t you please go home You reach a state of your mind Where it`s madness to look and to find Your false affections so kind Please go home Won`t you please go home

Please Go Home (03:20)
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