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Interpreti Thomas Newman Diskografie Hledá se Nemo (soundtrack) Fish In My Hair!

Thomas Newman - Fish In My Hair!

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Hledá se Nemo (soundtrack)

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Bum-buttery bluebird is singing a tune
Daffa-do-dillies awake and in broom (sic)
Bursting in bloom, all the flowers assume
It's a loverly, loverly spring

Chit-chattery chipmunks all singing along
humming, they join in the sing-along song
Spring is the springiest time for a song
It's a loverly, loverly spring

In the forest we play with the rabbits all day,
the bees and the birdies and fishes
There's nary a care and there's spring in the air
The feeling is just too delicious

Bum-buttery buttercups all in a row
Trilling and frilling and stealing the show
May is the merriest month that I know
It's a loverly, loverly spring

Fish In My Hair! (01:29)
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