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Interpreti Trey Songz Diskografie Passion Pain And Pleasure Pleasure

Trey Songz - Pleasure

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Passion Pain And Pleasure

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Ooh ah ah ooh ooh hoo ooh wow woahWould you mind if I speak to my lady for a minuteWoah I been yurnin to hold your body close to mine tonightIs that alright I been missin you & your loveYour smileYour touch girlLook into your eyes and see the sun riseSo beautiful to meYou know what id like to seeWon't you put it on for me (put it on) [x2]Baby put it on (put it on) [x2]Ooh put it on on mePlease get your lips (your lips)Ready (ready) for meFor meFor meFor me

Pleasure (01:29)
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