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Interpreti U2 Diskografie Achtung Baby So Cruel

U2 - So Cruel

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Achtung Baby

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  4. Until The End Of The World
  5. Who´s Gona Ride Your Wild Horse
  6. So Cruel
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  10. Tryin To Throw Your Arms Around The World
  11. Acrobat
  12. Love Is Blindness
  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 1991
  • Žánry: 90's rock, 90's hity, Pop pro dospělé, Ploužáky, Rock, Rock Běhání, Rockové balady, Síň slávy, Kavárna Štěstí, Večeře při svíčkách, Lovesongy, Zlomená srdce
  • Vydavatelství: Universal Music
Text písničky

We crossed the lineWho pushed who over?It doesn't matter to youIt matters to meWe're cut adriftWe're still floatingI'm only hanging onTo watch you go downMy loveI disappeared in youYou disappeared from meI gave you everything you ever wantedIt wasn't what you wantedThe men who love you, you hate the mostThey pass through you like a ghostThey look for you, but your spirit is in the airBaby, you're nowhereOh...love...You say in love there are no rulesOh...love...Sweetheart,You're so cruelDesparation is a tender trapIt gets you every timeYou put your lips to her lipsTo stop the lieHer skin is pale like God's only doveScreams like an angel for your loveThen she makes you watch her from aboveAnd you need her like a drugOh...love...You say in love there are no rulesOh...love...Sweetheart,You're so cruelShe wears my love like a see-through dressHer lips say one thingHer movements something elseOh love, like a screaming flowerLove...dying every hour...loveYou don't know if it's fear or desireDanger the drug that takes you higherHead in heaven, fingers in the mireHer heart is racing, you can't keep upThe night is bleeding like a cutBetween the horses of love and lustWe are trampled underfootOh...love... You say in love there are no rulesOh...love...Sweetheart,You're so cruelOh...love...To stay with you I'd be a foolSweetheartYou're so cruel

So Cruel (05:49)
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