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Interpreti Van Halen Diskografie The Best Of Both Worlds Learning To See

Van Halen - Learning To See

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The Best Of Both Worlds

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The loss that you feel, I know that it's real.
It's so hard when love is blind.
You put your heart on the line.
Now you feel like I'm wasting your time,

But I know that someday, somehow, you'll learn to love.
I know (ooh)

I'm learning to see
But I don't have glasses
You broke every heart
By the masses
I'm learning to see!
I'm learning to see!

That you weren't meant for me.... (oh)
They said our love was out of sight,
But you smashed my heart in two
And that just wasn't right. (ooh)
'Cause at the end of the day you could just walk away,
When you find what you want isn't even the thing you need.
I know. (uh huh)

[Chorus: x 2]

And all that you've lost, it's not all that you've gained. (no)
There's something that's left behind. (uh huh)
If there's a tear in your eye,
There will be a blue sky.
The time of your life,
When you were learning to see. (ooh)

Learning To See (05:14)
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