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Interpreti Van Morrison Diskografie Astral Weeks Beside You

Van Morrison - Beside You

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Astral Weeks

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  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 1968
  • Žánry: 60's hity, Soul, Síň slávy
  • Vydavatelství: WEA (Warner Music)
Text písničky

Little Jimmy’s gone way out of the back streets
Out of the window, into the falling rain
And he’s right on time, right on time
That’s why broken arrow waved his finger

Down the road so dark and narrow
In the evening just before the Sunday sixbells chime
And way out on the highway
All the dogs are barkin’ way down below

And you wander away from your hillside retreated view
Went to wanderin’ Nordhbridge way out on the railroad
Together all the tipping trucks will unload
All the scrapbooks built together stuck with glue
And I’ll stand beside you, beside you

Oh child to never wonder why
To never, never, never, never wonder why at all
To never, never, never, never wonder why
It’s gotta be, it has to be

Across the crystal pavements
Way across the country where the hillside mountains glide
The dynamo of your smile caressed the
Barefoot virgin child

To wander past your window in the nighttime 'cross the floor
Crying as ecstasy surrounds you
Through the night air your proud time is open
Go well against the pointed idle breeze

Past the footlights of the brazen silence easy
In the night you cry and you want spirits to tell you
Everything’s alright
Go ahead and do it one more time baby
You’re satisfied I guess
You’re way up and the sky comes down

Open and just hold the lantern in the doorway
For the freedom of it
And you take the night air through your nostrils
And you breathe in out, in out
And you breathe just like that, just like that

How does it get you when it gets you
When it gets ya
You may not know it’s got you until you turn around
And I’ll point a finger at you, point a finger at you

You say which way, which way
That’s alright, we’ve gotten hip to it
Goin’ to do it right now
Behind you, beside you, beside you

Oh child to never wonder why
To never, never, never, never wonder why at all
Never, never, never, never wonder why at all

Beside You (05:17)
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