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Interpreti Will Young Diskografie From Now On Whats In Goodbye

Will Young - Whats In Goodbye

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From Now On

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  1. Whats In Goodbye
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Verse 1
What's in goodbye
An empty world without a heart
Saddens me each time I hear it
Keeping us apart
What's in goodbye

How cruel and so insensitive
Maddens me each time I hear it
How unkind it is, oh it is

Stuck in a cloud full of cold weather
Somewhere in time
Counting the tears as I remember
Drowning in sunshine

Verse 2
What's in goodbye
A place so vast and insincere
Saddens me each time I hear it
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Repeat Chorus

Counting the tears
The tears that I cried
As you walked away
As you said goodbye


Whats In Goodbye (03:07)
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